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Image by Nathon Oski

We saw Elvis for a kids haircut for the first time and I love the haircut. The shop is clean, bright and everyone is kind and professional. So glad we found this gem!

Elizabeth D.

Clean shop, attentive and high quality service

Ken Z.

    • I’ve been to many barbers in Hoboken and this is by far the best! Staff is professional, attentive, and takes their time — no rush jobs. They even offer to rinse your hair and give you a head massage while doing so. Competitive pricing for the quality of the cut and shop. Highly recommend.

Zach S.

Image by Arthur Humeau
Image by Allef Vinicius

Elvis is a wizard and great guy. After my 3rd visit, these are consistently great haircuts. His peers do a stellar job as well for everybody else that comes in.

Tonsorium is a hidden gem and at the perfect price point. I’ve paid twice this for cuts in the city and more elsewhere in Hoboken for inconsistent quality that were often occasionally great rather than consistently good.


Easily the best barbershop in Hoboken, with all excellent barbers on site. The shop is immaculate and the appointments always run on time. I’ve had the pleasure of getting cuts from both Elvis and Belvis and both do an outstanding job. I also LOVE being able to manage appointments online. So easy.

Jeff A.

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